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Global Recognition of Our Work – EntreComp Champion Award!

Jaana Seikkula-Leino, CEO and founder, Not a Bad Idea Ltd has received the highest

global recognition of the EntreComp: EntreComp Champion Award. Furthermore, she

is a member of the inaugural EntreComp Champion Jury.

What are the EntreComp Awards?

The EntreComp Awards are about recognising anyone who wants to be part of

building an inclusive and diverse community of people and organisations involved in

entrepreneurial learning. These awards celebrate those who are starting out and those

who are further along in how they contribute to supporting entrepreneurial learning

and the use of EntreComp.

A recipient that has been granted an award at any level gains access to a world of like-

minded people and a network that spans Europe and the globe!

Source: EntreComp Awards.


Project Coordinator

Not a Bad Idea Ltd Finland

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