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"In today´s rapidly evolving world, where change is the only constant, the ability to adapt and remain resilient is more crucial than ever. This era demands that individuals, not just entrepreneurs, be equipped with the skills to foresee and navigate through the whirlwind of global and professional shifts. It is essential for educational systems to pivot towards instilling such adaptability and resilience, preparing everyone to thrive in an ever-changing landscape."​         

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Entrepreneurial mindset is about changing the world



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For Students

SKILLOON COURSES SKILLOON courses empower students to thrive in a rapidly changing environment by cultivating key skills such as responsibility, self-direction, creativity, and teamwork. Serving as a personal mentor, SKILLOON focuses on fostering entrepreneurial thinking through practical tasks and self-evaluations. The curriculum spans from time management to working life skills and business development, guiding students to self-regulate their growth. This comprehensive approach ensures students' success in both their academic pursuits and future careers. STUDENT CAMPS IN FINLAND, LANGUAGE COURSES, AND EXCHANGE PROGRAMS We offer a variety of student camps in Finland, language courses and student exchange programs tailored to diverse themes. Our language courses provide an opportunity to learn Finnish, supporting, for example, international students starting their studies in Finland. Our exchange programs cater to secondary education levels, like high school. Additionally, we organize enjoyable camps focusing on Finnish education, nature, sports, and entrepreneurship.

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For Education Providers

SKILLOON SCHOOL LICENCES, AND TRAINING SKILLOON is a prime resource for educational institutions, from high schools to universities, to boost entrepreneurial skills. Developed in collaboration with Finnish schools, universities, and research groups, it emphasizes international cooperation. SKILLOON enables educators to guide students in acquiring future-ready competencies and offers effective tools for assessing entrepreneurial learning. Supported by the Finnish National Agency for Education and endorsed by the government, SKILLOON is a key tool for educational institutions aiming to lead in modern education. CAMPS, LANGUAGE COURSES, AND EXCHANGE PROGRAMS We invite education providers and leaders to enrich their offerings with our diverse range of student camps, language courses, and exchange programs in Finland. Our language courses are an excellent tool for international students beginning their studies in Finland. Our exchange programs are tailored to secondary education levels, such as high schools. In addition, we organize engaging camps that highlight aspects of Finnish education, nature, sports, and entrepreneurship, providing a unique learning experience. These programs are a valuable addition to any educational institution looking to broaden its horizons and offer students global exposure.

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For Leaders & Experts

TAILORED CONSULTATION AND TRAINING Finland's reputation in educational innovation and entrepreneurship sets the stage for our services. Our experts, recognized for their profound expertise in educational development, assist in crafting and executing educational reforms at various levels, including national and school-based initiatives. These professionals excel in enhancing organizational strategies and fostering a socially impactful entrepreneurial mindset. Their collaborations span from the United Nations and the European Commission to the OECD, governments, companies, and education providers. Celebrated with the Finnish National Agency of Education's quality label and as an official education partner, our team's work is acknowledged by the Finnish government. Notably, the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has incorporated SKILLOON as a recommended training tool in its national entrepreneurship education strategy. Our experts are dedicated to unlocking new potentials in your development through specialized training, consultation, and research.

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Our business operations have one strategic goal:

Education and Development with a Purpose.

Action plans for 2025

  • Significant global player in education, training, and development

  • Renewer of organizations

  • Empower courage, passion and joy of individuals and communities

In our values, we believe in human that is curious, creative, productive, and who could see more possibilities everywhere if there is encouragement and support for self-esteem around.

This grounds the basis of a successful organization and has empowering feelings of positive self-esteem in the organization as a whole.


In Not a Bad Idea team, we have a pool of over 20 multidisciplinary and international professionals who are experts, for instance, in change management, education and training, entrepreneurship, business, impact creation, HR, leadership, digitalization, project management, reserach and statistics.

We want you to become happy and successful!

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Jaana Seikkula-Leino, founder, CEO

Female student glancing back while going for a class in college. Girl walking with friends
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development projects

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United Nations
European Commission
Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland
Finnish National Agency of Education
United Arab Emirates University
Higher Colleges of Technology
Sultan Qaboos University
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Finnish Real Estate Management Federation
Kouvola Innovation
Pellervo Coop Center
Hai Ba Trung Education
New Way To New School


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Jaana Seikkula-Leino

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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Jaana Seikkula-Leino, toimitusjohtaja

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