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Develop your entrepreneurial mindset to unleash your potential




"It should be noted that the rhythm of business has become faster and economic turbulence has increased. In the future, successful entrepreneurs will be the ones who are able to anticipate changes in the business environment and reform their operations in order to remain competitive."​         


Matti Alahuhta

Chairman of the Board of Confederation of Finnish Industries

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Entrepreneurship is about changing the world



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For Students

SKILLOON COURSES In our fast-changing world, students require a variety of skills. They must have a sense of responsibility, self-guidance capacity and the skills to seek new opportunities in job markets. Students need to be creative and active, and cooperative in their approach to studies and their future work life. Fortunately, these skills can be learned. With SKILLOON, an individual student may train an entrepreneurial mindset. It works like a personal trainer for a student. A series of concrete tasks and self-assessments orient students towards working life and developing new businesses. Students implement their personal development portfolio called LOGBOOK, which may be used, for example, as course assignments. With the help of SKILLOON, an individual student learns to regulate her or his future development. This is how the student succeeds in his studies and future working life.

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For Education Providers

SKILLOON LICENCES, TRAINING, CONSULTATION AND RESEARCH SKILLOON is an excellent tool for education providers to enhance entrepreneurial competencies from high school to higher education. SKILLOON has been developed in cooperation with several Finnish schools, universities and research groups and involves a high degree of international cooperation. With SKILLOON, teachers and mentors guide students towards the future needed competencies. SKILLOON also offers reliable and valid evaluation tools for entrepreneurial learning. The Finnish National Agency Education has also been funding national SKILLOON development in Finland and supporting its internationalization. Thus, the Finnish government highly encourages SKILLOON utilization nationally and globally in education organizations. With SKILLOON, your educational institution becomes a forerunner in education.

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For Leaders & Experts

CONSULTATION AND TRAINING Finland is well known for its expertise in educational development and for being one of the world's most innovative and entrepreneurial countries. Our experts are leading professionals in the field to enhance organizations' strategy development and implementation and promote social impact by entrepreneurial orientation. They have cooperated with the United Nations, the European Commission, the OECD, governments, companies, and education providers. We are proud recipients of the Finnish National Agency of Education's quality label and official education partner. The Finnish government has also considered the achievements of Not a Bad Idea. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture implemented SKILLOON as a highly recommended training tool in the latest national strategy for entrepreneurship education. Our experts bring unseen opportunities for your development by training, consultation and research.

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Our business operations have one strategic goal:

Education and Development with a Purpose.

Action plans for 2025

  • Significant global player in education, training, and development

  • Renewer of organizations

  • Empower courage, passion and joy of individuals and communities

In our values, we believe in human that is curious, creative, productive, and who could see more possibilities everywhere if there is encouragement and support for self-esteem around.

This grounds the basis of a successful organization and has empowering feelings of positive self-esteem in the organization as a whole.


In Not a Bad Idea team, we have a pool of over 20 multidisciplinary and international professionals who are experts, for instance, in change management, education and training, entrepreneurship, business, impact creation, HR, leadership, digitalization, project management, reserach and statistics.

We want you to become happy and successful!

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Jaana Seikkula-Leino, founder, CEO

Female student glancing back while going for a class in college. Girl walking with friends
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over 1000 skilloon users


development projects

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United Nations
European Commission
Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment in Finland
Finnish National Agency of Education
United Arab Emirates University
Higher Colleges of Technology
Sultan Qaboos University
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Finnish Real Estate Management Federation
Kouvola Innovation
Pellervo Coop Center


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Jaana Seikkula-Leino

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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Mirva Jalo

Marketing & Project Coordinator


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