The most pressing imperative for businesses today is the quest for growth with the biggest challenge being the talent and leadership needed to secure and sustain it. But it’s not just people. It is the right people looking for right development, in the right place, at the right time. Equally important, it is the entire organization acting in harmony to execute strategies for winning results.


With a combination of individual and organizational components, our Entreprenbeurial Competence Strategy and Organizational Alignment Practice  will help you transform your organization by enabling you to engage people, ignite potential, overcome inertia, generate motion, take risks, seek and expand possibilities, enhance teamwork, coordinate action, and actually activate your organization’s strategy. And as a whole, the design gives  ground  for entrepreneurial organization and for its success.

Aim Higher Still


Design services to enhance entrepreneurial growth:


Competence Strategy Consulting

Many organizations struggle to achieve results because the relationship between their goals and their people processes are murky or nonexistent. With the use of a proprietary strategy decoder, our talent consulting services provide an intensive, efficient, and collaborative process that enables you to first hone in on the competence implications of your core business strategies, and then confidently define, prioritize, and sequence the critical competencies  needed to activate strategies and drive their execution.


Organization Alignment

Together we conduct a comprehensive review of the key drivers for aligned roles and leadership actions. These include a strategy for converting plans to action, organizing for success, processes to clear the pathway, people who ignite talent, culture to build engagement, and critical technology elements. What you get is a clear set of recommendations for charting a path forward in ensuring that structure follows strategy as you work to optimize organization performance.


Five Competencies of Leadership and Talent enhancing entrepreneurial culture

Not a Bad Idea´s assessment services are focused on helping clients measuring the five key competencies that are the foundations of entrepreneurial human behavior.  With these services, you obtain a complete picture of the individual qualities that will drive performance. Using the same framework, we also help you simultaneously determine your organizational success requirements for specific roles. By using both sets of information, you are able to identify gaps between the leaders that you have and the leaders that you need. This enables you to pinpoint the key qualities to select and promote against as well as where to target critical gaps and development strategies. 


Our leading core competencies promoting success in a nutshell are:

  1.  Trust
  2. Self awareness
  3. Interaction
  4. Towards goals
  5. Competency

Based on research and experience from the best in the talent business, we help you take the guesswork out of your most important talent decisions. You can more accurately identify the pool of leaders who are high performers today, the ones who have the potential to perform in more-demanding roles in the future, those who are ready for the next challenge now or very soon, and the ones who are an immediate fit for a key position. The Not a Bad Idea´s Five Competencies Solution makes it easier for your organization to hire and develop the talent you need while and strengthening your selection, development, succession, performance, diversity, and inclusion efforts. Moreover, it provides a mirror to look backward on aggregate historical data to inform decision-making and drive continual improvement. And it offers  a microscope-like lens to elicit deep understanding of current conditions based on data mining of your data combined with Not a Bad Idea data sets. ¨Moreover it delivers predictive analytics to guide talent investments and future business strategy.


In summary, you get access to a comprehensive suite of global and cultural integration services, designed to meet the needs of your organization as it transforms and expands.