1 )   CEO, board and top team effectiveness

We help optimize performance of CEO, board and top team through composition, diversity, individual development, team dynamics, and management processes, both individually and collectively

2)    Collaboration, team culture, and dynamics of the organization as a whole

We are experts in the highly delicate and complex work of diagnosing and resolving cultural issues. This includes helping leadership teams synchronize their vision, mission, and goals to ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction



3)    Leadership Development

Leadership development is an organization’s most effective tool to advance an ambitious strategic agenda. Developing leaders from within is a priority for driving change in today’s complex and highly competitive global environment.

Unfortunately, many organizations lack the necessary leadership competencies. While organizations commit massive amounts of resources to create new business strategies, many have a blind spot on the human side—and few have a development plan for their people, let alone a leadership strategy.


NBI FLAGSHIP PROGRAMS: Our contextual, research-based, flagship programs are globally-scalable experiences designed to develop critical capabilities at each level of leadership.


NBI SPEZIALIZED PROGRAMS: Our specialized programs draw on Not a Bad Idea´s depth and breadth of research and expertise to prepare talent for specific roles, functions, workplace or team cultures, and strategic initiatives that require heightened and specialized development.


NBI CUSTOM PROGRAMS: Our highly customized programs and services draw on Not a Bad Idea´s extensive research and expertise as well as the needs and strategic vision of an organization to develop solutions that can heighten performance and transform challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth.

4)   Workforce Performance, Inclusion & Diversity


Is your competence your competitive advantage? In this fiercely competitive global environment, engaging your entire workforce—in all its diversity—is a foundational imperative.

It starts by attracting the best talent with diverse competencies, experiences, and contributions—then building and nurturing an environment where they can do their best work and enhance entrepreneurial culture. When every person is fully contributing, every part of your organization will see the benefits  and its success.