How do you get the freedom to maximize change in your organization? Through licensing.

Whether scaling your competence management practices around the world or establishing a common language of performance and competence throughout your organization, you can get the freedom to do it your way. Licensing allows you to embed, modify and spread your messages in a way that works best for your unique situation.

Licensing gives you the ability to scale and implement talent management practices to drive change and execute strategy effectively.


Choose from a broad range of license products.

What do you want to achieve? We can help you find the right combination of products to fit your needs, including:

Competency and success profile modeling

High Potential program management

Business strategy and competence alignment

Leadership development program management

High performing team development

Performance and career development

Competence engagement workshops and development

Competence selection and interviewing programs







Get power and flexibility to do more.

By choosing a license agreement, you’ll be able to:

Modify the core content and language to fit your organization’s culture

Embed into any internal system (including HRIS, Performance Management, Talent Development platforms, and ATS and succession management platforms)

Create print and digital resources for your employee competence programs

Create and distribute communications on how you define your top competence, and how every employee can grow and develop

Allow your employees to create personal career guides with NBI programme