Digital concepts


1)  Digitrainer for Business and Education


Digitrainer is a mobile tool enhancing entreprenurial performance and goal orientated behaviour in interaction with collegues or even class mates. Based on research Digitrainer is an extremely modern digital solution to strengthen success and entrepreneurial culture. Digitrainer is a tool for personal  and organizational development which integrates assessment, goal setting, alignment, data collection and bench marking (forthcoming).



2)    Assessment Tools

a)   Not a Bad Idea Feedback Online Survey: competency-based, research-validated asessment, web-based tool giving immediate feedback to respondents


b)   Not a Bad Idea Development Tracker Online Survey: research based survey launched 2 to 6 months after the first questionnaire and data collection and gives ground for reports and more deep analyzes of your organization


c)   Not a Bad Idea Online Development Tracker, Digitrainer: a valid online assessment which gives immediate assessment of personal input and the state of organization. Empowers agile transformation in business, education or other work life and forwards towards entrepreneurial culture (forthcoming)