Competence Leadership and Strategy Consulting


The Competence Leadership and Strategy Consulting provides a fast, accurate process to ensure that organizations focus their competence  investments where they will have the greatest impact on business results. Activate strategies, stressing also leadrship, that drive execution.Focus on competence investments that have the greatest impact on business results.


This unique process is a combination of:

1. Experienced competence strategy consultants.

2. Research-based insights into key performance drivers.

3. Highly practical, proprietary tools to decode strategy, pinpoint high impact areas, set direction at a glance and give tools for your leaders realize renewed strategy.

4. Utilizes an efficient process over several days that allows you to take action quickly.

5.  Stimulates consensus-building dialogue among your leaders to break down silos, set a common vision for how to enhance leader performance and achieve business results.

6.  Engages your team in assessing your competence process and pinpointing the gaps that are the biggest risks to the success of your organization’s strategy.

7. Generates actionable competence strategy recommendations backed by Not a Bad Idea research based data and tailored by experienced consultants to fit your unique organizational needs.

8. Reduces redundant or unnecessary competence development expenses.