Empowering assessment and evaluation form ground for successfull design and build. We provide seamless operations for you to administer your surveys globally with confidence. We can help you launch any assessment instrument quickly and effectively and also ensure the appropriate development resources are in the hands of critical participants.


Assessment plays a major role in success development. Therefore, we offer groundbreaking and research based tools for your assessment implementation:


Our Assessment Tools


The Global Survey Center offers complete administration of these surveys:

1)   Not a Bad Idea Feedback Online Survey: competency-based, research-validated asessment, web-based tool giving immediate feedback to respondents

2)  Not a Bad Idea Development Tracker Survey: research based survey launched 2 to 6 months after the first data collection and gives ground for reports and more deep analyzes of your organization

3)   Not a Bad Idea Online Development Tracker, Digitrainer: a valid online assessment which gives immediate assessment of personal input and the state of organization empowering agile transformation in business, education or other work life and forwarding towards entrepreneurial culture (forthcoming)

It's Not A Bad Idea