Our goals, values and way of working


Our business operations has a one strategic goal: we want to be champion in global HR-develepment and solutions of education by delivering unique customer experienience and groundbreaking  results. Achieving the shared targets requires everyone´s input. As a part of the imprementation our strategy we have made a promise of what we are going to change in what we do and how. Actually our way of working  is shaped by our business concept which is entrepreneurialism,  to be it design, build, implementation  or assessessment of our work.


Moreover, we believe on human that is curious, creative, productive and who could see more possibilities everywhere if there is encouragement and the support of self esteem around. This grounds the basis of successful  organization and which has  empowering feeling of positive self esteem in the organization as a whole. In line, this produces well being, productivity and success. In  interaction with others and through knowledge sharing we value and aim for entrpreneurial society development.The quality of our work is assured through realiable and valid research by our team whose work is nationally and internationaly recognized.